Homelessness Prevention

Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) – Centre County

The EFSP provides limited metered utility assistance, including gas, electricity, water and sewer service for individuals or households; limited non-metered assistance including oil, firewood and coal. EFSP cannot pay any kind of security deposits for rent or utility. EFSP can pay 1st month rent to move in or 1 month rent to stop eviction or 1 month mortgage if they are at least 30 days behind with a late notice. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Centre County; have payment in arrears or due within 5 calendar days, all other resources exhausted, and payment must guarantee additional 30 days service. You must also provide a copy of past due or current utility bill showing 1 months charge or receipts/invoices for fuel. The income guideline is the 200% poverty level. May apply through office appointment and/or a home visit. This program is only available as funding is available.